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SNH Business Seminars& Consultancy Africa is a professionally constituted organisation that prides and specialises in the provision and promotion of quality services to the public departments, government utilities and the private sector. Our programmes and projects come in the form of Consulting, Training and Development. We strive to give all our clients nothing but value for their money in the name of professionalism and uniqueness. This comes in the total package of high quality services, customised projects, exclusive prices and incentives. We are cognisant of the fact that the trade industry is in the proximity of saturation level, and can no longer hold sway to those who do it as usual. For doing business, without creativity and originality, as usual has become a dinosaur. That is why we firmly but creatively believe in doing business with professional aplomb.

Why SNH must be your training firm"

In today`s fast-paced world, companies worth their salt are constantly positioned and repositioned to do more with less in order to satisfy and please their clients and deal effectively with competition. Responsibilities may increase at short notice, and all this calls for greater skills and innovation. On the other hand, there is always a need to advance careers and achieve organizational success and at the centre of all these dynamics is professional training. There is no gainsaying the fact that ongoing learning enables managers to continuously enhance their professional and personal development and increase their value to their organizations. We at SNH we take pleasure in offering public seminars, on-site programs and customized learning solutions in an efficient and effective way that mutually benefits both parties. Our pricing system is second- to none as far as attending to each and every client`s needs and situations is concerned. We are sensitive to our clients` unique requirements .We offer amazingly unique specials and incentives. For example, those delegates who have to come for the event from remote places are specially given concessions, so are bone fide (card-carrying and registered ) college and university students, as they are given the privilege to fork out half of the unit price! In a nutshell, we unleash our uniqueness in the form of a pricing regime that is sensitive to the peculiarities of the clients, standard of services and trainers and facilitators we take on board for any event.

Why SNH "must be your consulting firm".

SNH Business Seminars & Consulting Africa's services entail the best-in-business thinking and good practices. Our programmes& projects are tailor-made for all organizational levels, specifically covering the full range of competencies in all business functions. What set us apart from other consulting firms is the ability to handle all the details because we have the experience to take a job and run with it, you and your staff can stay focused on what you do best. We can assemble a freelance team that rivals talent at the largest companies. And most importantly, we can provide an incredibly profitable return on your investment by lowering your expenses.

Services you can entrust to us include, Advisory, Business Solution, Coaching, Evaluation, Interim management, Business Plans, Market Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Risk Management, Seminars and Workshops,

Other Services like, operational reviews, strategic planning, and development of corporate re- engineering strategies,


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